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MBS200 Energizer

MBS200 Fence Energizer
”Any Power Source. Anywhere”


The MBS200 Fence Energizer is designed for mains, battery or solar installations. No matter what your power source or location, the new Gallagher MBS Energizer range provides a superior and convenient power control solution.

  • Delivers sufficient power for the control of domestic animals for smaller fence applications. Can also be used with the battery back-up charger.
  • Delivers high output voltage – up to 9,200volts (9.2kV), open circuit.
  • Use any power source. Designed for mains, battery or solar installations.
  • Superior performance in all operating modes.
  • Reliable fence voltage irrespective of your power source.
  • View fence performance at a glance. LED bar graph indicates fence voltage performance.
  • Check battery health in an instant. LED bar graph indicates your battery status.
  • Portable, water resistant case, with built in lightning protection
  • Fast, flexible installation. Easily set up portable or permanent installations in any location.
  • All lead-sets included. Mains, battery and fence lead sets all included with the energizer.
  • Protect your battery. Smart battery management algorithm protects the battery from being over discharged and permanently damaged.

Battery Back Up Charger

Never lose power. In the event of a mains power failure, the power source automatically switches your Gallagher MB/MBS Energizer to the external 12V battery

  • Battery is always charged. The battery is trickle charged when mains power is available ensuring it is ready to power the energizer when required
  • Know your power status. LEDs on the charger tell you whether the energizer system is running off mains or battery power source
  • Compatible with all the MB/MBS i-Series energizers and the MBS mid-range of energizers.

MBS200 Technical Specifications

Fence Distance : Km                                            4KM

Fence Distance : Realistic                                  1-1.5Km

Distance Powered : Hectares                           9 Ha

Input Voltage                                                        220v-240v AC/12-15v DC

Maximum Stored Energy                                   2 Joules

Maximum Output Pulse Energy                      1.5 Joules

Output Voltage @ 500 Ω                                     5,900 Volts

Output Voltage @ 200 Ω                                     3,800 Volts

Output Voltage @ 100 Ω                                     2,400 Volts

Minimum number of earth rods required    1 Earth Rods


Physical Details

Weight : kilograms 1.5 kg
Volume : Metric 221 x 203 x 107mm

Warranty 3 Years

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