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M10,000i Fence Energizer System
“The World’s most powerful Energizer !”

The M10,000i Fence Energizer System is the world’s largest, most powerful and most intelligent energizer ! Combining the brute force of 100 stored joules (71 joules max output energy) energy with all the smarts of the i Series system, the M10,000i will outperform any other energizer on the market today!!

  • Delivers maximum power with advanced monitoring capabilities for the maximum control of medium to large security fence network applications.
  • Working together the i Series system (Energizer, Energizer Controller, Fence Monitor & Remote/Fault Finder) provides fence information at a glance and if it detects any faults, leads you directly to them, saving you hours of searching.
  • M10,000i – Powers up to 8,000 to 12,000 meters of free standing electric fencing (9-12 live wire strands).
  • The M10,000i energizer will maintain a massive 10kV at 100 ohm load (heavy fence load) and up to 9,2kV at 50 ohm load (extreme fence load) !!! No other energizer will equal this performance.
  • Mains powered (220-240v) with quality modified inverter (1000watt / 12v) battery backup.
  • Compatible with SMS Energizer Controller which enables alarms to be sent to your phone, fence performance status checked and energizer turned on/off via text message.
  • Energizer can also be connected to an Alarm System which monitors a section of fence and drives external strobe lights, sirens or alarms panels if the circuit is broken eg. gate opened or a wire cut.
  • M10,000i security energizer design brings together advanced security features and game animal control combined and is the ideal choice for the longest series-parallel fencing systems which require monitoring.
  • Advanced lightning protection.
  • Fully modular for quick servicing.

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