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F31 Series Fence Controllers

F31 Series Security Fence Energizer Controller
“Powerful Intelligent Compact Security Energizer”

The F Series Security Fence Energizer Controllers has as built-in detectors, smart battery management, earth voltage and gate detection. The On and off functions can be accessed via magnetic key, Programmable relay options, LED indicators and ease of installation makes this energizer a user-friendly option for low to medium security electric fencing sites.


  • Available in two models, single zone (F31) or dual zone (F32)
  • Delivers sufficient power for small to medium security fence applications.
  • Powers up to 600 meters of free standing electric fencing (9-12 live wire strands).
  • Mains powered (220-230v) with smart battery (12v) backup.
  • Alarms on fence return and earth voltage alert when voltage is under set voltage level (3kv).
  • Advanced lightning protection.
  • Fully modular for quick servicing.

Medal 1000 Technical Specifications

Security Fence Distance : M                              400M

Fence Distance : Realistic                                 1-2Km

Distance Powered : Hectares                           25 Ha

Input Voltage                                                        220v-240v

Maximum Stored Energy                                   4 Joules

Maximum Output Energy                                  2.3 Joules

Output Voltage @ 500 Ω                                     5,000 Volts

Output Voltage @ 200 Ω                                     3,500 Volts

Output Voltage @ 100 Ω                                     2,500 Volts

Minimum number of earth rods required    3 Earth Rods


Physical Details (F31)

Weight : kilograms 3 kg
Volume : Metric 255 x 340mm

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